3D Gingerbread Man Ugly Christmas Sweater

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Well, well, well. Looky who ran away from his gingerbread house to come hang out with you! It’s cool, we’re not offended. It’s just…your little friend had made plans to spend the holidays with us, running around the office and helping us all reach our step goals while we chased him. But we’re not jealous or anything. We never really confirmed or anything. It’s just…now you’ll definitely win the prize for best holiday sweater at your workplace because this gingerbread man is just too adorable. And that was our plan. C’mon, he’s wearing a bow tie! There’s no way you can lose. Just wear this 3D Gingerbread Man Christmas Sweater and watch as the compliments roll in! Sigh. We’re very happy for you. Ecstatic. Please tell Ginger we hope he enjoys the peppermint scented candle we sent him. We hope you two are very happy together.

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