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Ah, Scrooge… an icon of Christmas for nearly two centuries! The thing that always bothered me about the whole Christmas Carol story is that poor Ebeneezer didn’t even get to change his clothes before going out with those crazy spirits. Have you ever been in a London winter? It’s intense, and if you went out, at night no less, in that weather only wearing your old-timey, mid 1800’s pajamas you’d probably freeze to death. Perhaps the spirits kept him warm supernaturally. If not, it’s a miracle that Scrooge survived… but it wouldn’t be a very good story if he died of hypothermia in the middle of the book!We can’t promise that you’ll go on an introspective holiday journey that will end with your realization of the true meaning of Christmas, but you’ll totally look like you just got out of bed in ye olde England! Dickens himself would tip his hat to this costume, but let us recommend an overcoat to go with just in case the wind starts blowing.

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