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It doesn’t matter if your costume is a little shorter than what you’re use to because these hot pants are here to save the day! We know that sometimes the cutest costumes are the ones that include a short dress or a short skirt, but Halloween only comes once a year so if you love a costume you should just go ahead and wear it. These deluxe black hot pants will come in handy so you can be more comfortable while you dance in your ultra short costume. They will offer you some extra coverage and warmth so you’ll have one of the best experiences of all time. Plus, these shorts will go with any ensemble that you pick out! These hot pants are made from a stretchy knit polyester and feature an elastic waistband so they’ll be soft and reliable no matter what spooky activities you get into. The low-cut hip-hugging shape will make sure the shorts stay hidden underneath your costume. Pair them with a school girl costume, a sexy witch costume, or a pirate costume so you can be assured that you won’t show more than you’d like to while you’re out enjoying your Halloween experience!

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