Fancy Prancer Unicorn 33″ Horse on a Stick

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Like most little girls, yours dreams of being a princess. She loves frilly pink dresses, tiaras and sparkly shoes. It makes sense, then, that she also yearns for her own pretty pony to ride around her kingdom. In fact, she doesn’t just want a pony—like any self-respecting royal, she has better taste than that. She wants a unicorn so that she can ride in regal style.Unfortunately, there are a few problems with her plan. For one, it’s really hard to find unicorns these days. They’re not available at your local pet store, and the one-thriving unicorn reserves have dwindled in numbers. Now, they’re officially an endangered species, which means you’d need a ton of permits to even begin the process of taking one home. And once you got it home, what then? You have a two-bedroom split-level house in the suburbs. Where would you keep the unicorn? Where would you store it when you went on a family vacation? What do unicorns even eat?Instead of taking on the headache of caring for a real, live unicorn, why not offer this cost-effective substitute… the Fancy Prancer Unicorn 33-inch Horse on a Stick. The plush sky-blue unicorn head includes a shimmery rainbow mane, sparkly gold horn, rainbow tattoo on the side and purple bride that has a loop to hold onto. It’s the perfect companion for any princess!

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