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The world is a pretty tough place. It’s not all chocolate chip cookies and double rainbows, so it’s important for you to make sure that your kid is a little fighter! After all, you never know when she’s going to be attacked by a ravenous lion or an angry cyclops, so you’d better make sure she’s trained in the art of gladiatorial combat! Once you train her how to use a sword and shield, she’ll be ready to go toe to toe with any creature or villain in Colosseum. The first place to start is a fitting outfit for her foray into becoming a gladiator.This girl’s Gladiator costume helps your child slip into the role of a seasoned fighter from ancient Rome! The costume comes with a dress that has a brown top designed to look like a Roman gladiator cuirass. It has printed armor on the front and a dark red skirt. Faux leather strips go along the waist to further create an armored look. The costume also comes with a matching red cape that attaches around the shoulder and helps your child look ready to do battle with even the most fearsome of foes!Once your child has this outfit on, it’ll be up to you to teach them all the best gladiator moves, so be sure to study up on the tales of Spartacus! Also, be sure to equip her with one of our sword and shield combos to give her an advantage against the competition.

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