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Are you worried about being too pretty to be some kind of villainous overlord? Your handsome looks just aren’t very becoming for someone who’s supposed strike fear into the hearts of his followers and foes alike. Do you know who never has that problem? Supreme Commander Snoke, from Star Wars. He’s one ugly mother shut-your-mouth and just one look at his face lets people know that he’s not the kind of being that you mess with.Well, now you can get the look of the deadly character with this officially licensed Snoke Mask from The Last Jedi. It’s molded to look like Snoke’s wrinkled and scarred face, so all you need to do is put it on your head and start learning how to master the Dark Side of the Force. Of course, you could always find yourself a worthy apprentice like Kylo Ren and amass a legion of Stormtroopers to fight for your cause, but first thing’s first. You should probably start out with this Star Wars mask.

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