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Our nanny growing up wasn’t exactly the world’s most loving caretaker. She was an elderly sour-faced woman who spent most of the day filling out of her crossword puzzle and completely ignoring us. She was nothing like the all-star nanny who is pictured here.This nanny’s zest for life and her generous nature make her an all around great candidate for watching children. But don’t worry, if your kids need to be disciplined from time to time, then this au-pair will also take care of that. She’s known for bursting into song randomly and kids love it. The spontaneous sing-alongs usually happen during chores to make housework more fun for the children. We can’t say this for sure, but we’ve also been told tales of this nanny taking flight. After getting done with a shift, many children have seen her float up into the sky with her trusty black umbrella in hand. We’re not sure how she does it; it must be her special nanny magic!Whether you’re interviewing for a babysitting job or you’ve been searching for an ensemble that makes you look like a magical au-pair, this singing nanny costume is exactly what you need. You’ll be a beautiful vision in blue when you’re wearing the blue maxi skirt paired with the matching blazer. The ruffled dickey adds a refined touch. The hat features a red flower, matching the ribbon on the blouse’s collar and the button on the blazer. Carry a black umbrella to uphold the rumor that you can really fly!

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