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We Can Do It! What? Well we can. We can kick butt. Why? Well, because Rosie the Riveter says so, that’s why!Rosie the Riveter. That female icon representing all those hard-working women of World War II. They stepped in to work the industrial jobs when the men went to war. And not only do we appreciate Rosie’s good work ethic, we totally admire her awesome bandanna. Her denim outfit. Those fierce biceps. So if you’re going for the appearance of a woman of industry, then you’ll need this 40s Rosie Wig to top it off. It’s synthetic brown hair with a red and white polka dotted bandanna, done up in the 40s style. It’s perfect for slapping on a pair of overalls and toting a hammer around with authority. Well, you can do that anyway, but this way you’ll be one classy dame when you do.

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