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Back in the olden days, they didn’t believe in any pesky new-fangled inventions like elastics! And that sticky, plastic-y stuff they put on the inside of strapless bras to hold them up (we have no idea what that’s called, but you know what we’re talking out!)? Get outta here! Back then, they had to rely on good old-fashioned strips of fabric and clips to hold their garments up!Luckily for them and for us, those vintage made-dos just happened to also be ultra-sexy and provocative! Maybe it’s the fact that women couldn’t go out in public showing their bare knees until the 1920s, or maybe it’s that having to undo those extra garter clips lent them naturally to the art of the tease. Whatever it is, when it comes to being a true pin-up, you don’t want to leave out the best part of the ensemble! That’s why you need these Garter Boy Shorts – keep the tease going by wearing them with any fishnet or silk stockings of your choice!

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