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Baby dolls, Barbie dolls, and porcelain dolls aren’t nearly as cool as paper dolls. Sure your baby doll might cry and wet her diaper, but that toy is not as nearly as cool as your paper dolls. Paper dolls are vintage…really vintage. They’ve been around just as long as paper which is a pretty cool fact. We consider these extremely lightweight dolls to be the most fashionable playthings (yes, even more fashionable than Barbie herself) because they wear trendy clothing from all different decades. Now you can take a cue from your paper doll and dress just as stylish as her. This costume will transform you into an old-fashioned plaything that’s as cute as a button. Plus, the transformation will be as easy as cutting out a paper doll from a magazine!This pretty paper doll costume will turn you into a cutout cutie. Just put on the hot pink leotard and line the cardboard dress up with the Velcro tabs that are fastened onto the tank straps. You thought it was fun changing your paper dolls outfits back in the day, just wait til you get to try out this life size version. . . on yourself! Sure, life in the 3D is cool but this 2-D look is really something different! The white leggings have a black stitching print and a pair of scissors going down the sides. Your friends might want to change your clothes but you’ll just have to tell them to cut it out (Ha! get it? cut it out?) Fasten the matching bow into your hair and add a pink wig if you really want to add a trendy spin to this striking paper doll costume. Meet up with all your darling dolly friends for a night filled with girl talk and giggling!

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